“The MGA CNA Certification Program changed my life.”

"The MGA CNA Certification Program changed my life. When my son was born I was forced to quit work to stay home and care for his medical needs. This left a huge hole in our family’s income that compounded the stress the family was already going through. The MGA CNA Certification course was thoughtfully scheduled and fit well into my family’s hectic schedule. It not only provided valuable training material and information, but also provided me with tips that increased the quality of life for my son. Their caring and supportive atmosphere gave me the confidence I needed to complete the course, obtain my state certification, and become an employee of MGA while doing what is most important to me, caring for my son’s medical needs. MGA has stood by me through my recurring training, recertification, and countless questions I have had over the past couple years. MGA is a positive company working on positive goals, their compassion for me as a mother is only matched by their respect for me as an employee." Tara M.
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