Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Nursing Assistant – FAQs

Should I expect homework?

Yes. You should expect reading assignments nightly throughout the course. Because the program is accelerated, students should also plan time outside of the classroom for studying and skills practice.


What time should I arrive to class?

For the first three weeks of class, day class starts at 9:00am and evening class starts at 5:45pm. During the clinical rotation, day clinical starts at 7:00am and evening clinical starts at 5:00pm. We suggest arriving to class a few minutes early.


How much does the class cost and what is included?

The cost of tuition is $950.00 in Colorado Springs and $1250.00 in Denver. Tuition includes theory, lab, clinical, 2 year CPR certification, state exam fee, text book rental, & background check. Each student is responsible for providing scrubs (any color), non-slip closed toe shoes, one step TB test and a flu shot (during flu season ONLY).


Do we get a break during class?

Yes! Students are provided with a 15 minute break in both day and evening classes.


How many students are in a typical class?

In our day class, we can have up to 20 students, and in our evening class, we can have up to 10 students.


My schedule has changed, can I switch classes?

MGA Academy requires at least 24 hours’ notice for all schedule changes. You may contact our program directly at 1 (719) 418-7813 to coordinate a make-up date/time for individual classes. If the schedule change occurs within the first two weeks of class, MGA Academy will honor the student’s tuition towards a future class.


What happens if I do not pass the class?

All students may re-enroll for classes if they do not pass, however, a new tuition will be due upon re-enrollment.


How can I pay for the class tuition?

MGA Academy offers both payment in full and payment plan options. Please reach out to an MGA Academy employee for details!

CPR/First Aid Courses – FAQs

Do you provide a break to smoke?

Per AHA guidelines, we may not permit a break for smoking.


Can I bring my child to class with me?

Our policy does not allow children at class. Please find your own childcare arrangements.


How do I retrieve my CPR eCard?

Upon completion of the class you will receive an email from with a link to claim your eCard.


I haven’t received my eCard yet. Who do I contact?

If you do not receive an eCard within one week of taking a class, contact MGA Academy at 1 (719) 418-7813.


Do you offer classes online?

We do not offer classes that are completely online. We do, however, offer Heartcode BLS that features a two-hour online portion along with a two-hour skill checkoff in the classroom.


Do you offer a shorter renewal course?

American Heart Association no longer offers a renewal course. You are required to complete a full course every two years when your certification expires.


What forms of payment do you accept?

MGA Academy requires credit or debit card for payment. If you do not own a debit or credit card, please contact MGA Academy to discuss additional options at 1 (719) 418-7813.