Why consider a career as a certified nursing assistant?

Why consider a career as a certified nursing assistant?

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, play a crucial role in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care teams across the country. They often spend more time with patients than any other medical professional and become experts on patient care needs. In fact, they are so crucial to patient care, that MGA Academy Program Director Jeana Rasmussen calls CNAs the “backbone of the medical community.”

Enrolling in a CNA certification program is an excellent first step to a career in the healthcare field. As baby boomers age and in-home care becomes a popular alternative to nursing homes, there is a growing need for CNAs. They complement nursing services by assisting patients with personal care, psychological and mental health needs, client rights education, and restorative services. Becoming a CNA is a great option not only for people looking for a fulfilling career on its own, but also for those looking to get started on the path to a nursing career.

CNAs work directly with, and report to, registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners. The skills and experiences that come with nurse aide certification and employment can prepare individuals for a future career in nursing. And, with nursing and nursing-related jobs in high demand, a nurse aide certification program can lead to countless placements, roles, and opportunities within the healthcare field.

MGA Academy offers four week nurse aide certification programs that include three weeks of classroom learning and one week of clinical rotations. Find a list of our upcoming classes below, and register on our website today! https://mgaacademy.com/nurse-aide-program/


Upcoming CNA class schedules:

February: 01/29/2018 – 02/23/2018

March: 02/26/2018 – 03/23/2018

April: 03/26/2018 – 04/20/2018

May: 04/23/2018 – 05/18/2018


“I was a bit nervous at first but the staff welcomed our class with open hearts and encouragement… I am thankful for MGA having offered such an affordable, accessible, and achievable program.”

Shelly G.

“Classes were thankfully offered during the day or evening. I attended an evening class and honestly had a blast… The class instructor and staff at MGA want nothing more than for you to succeed. I’m happy to say that taking the class offered by MGA has been a huge benefit to myself and my family.”

Nate F

  • Khorae Olivier
    Posted at 17:30h, 24 April Reply

    I really like how you talked about home care becoming a popular alternative to nursing homes and how that increases the demand for CNAs. My sister is contemplating getting a certification as a medical assistant to help people like our grandmother who need some help and don’t want to be put into a nursing home. Thank you for the information about how CNAs complement nursing services by assisting patients with personal care and mental health needs, among other things. It sounds really cool!

  • Ashly Sucre
    Posted at 11:37h, 24 February Reply

    I love the efforts you have put in this, thankyou for all the great blog posts.

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