What does a CNA do?

What does a CNA do?

Certified nursing assistants play an essential role on healthcare teams across the country. In patients’ homes, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities, CNAs become experts on their patients’ needs, feelings, concerns, and goals. CNAs use the knowledge they gain and the time they spend with a patient to help inform registered nurses and doctors before important decisions are made and next steps are taken.

Nursing homes and healthcare facilities, like doctors’ offices and hospitals, offer CNAs fast paced, high intensity work. These can be exciting settings to work in and can expose members of medical teams to an array experiences. CNAs who work in home healthcare often have the opportunity to get to know patients in a more comfortable and relaxed setting. CNAs who work in homecare tend to have more flexible hours than those in facilities and can work closely with patients whose needs align with their own specialties and expertise. And, as baby boomers age and require more support and care to remain in their homes, there is also a specific need for home healthcare workers and certified nursing assistants.

In coming years, healthcare workers will be in high demand across the country. Certification, training, and experience as a nursing assistant can lead to a fulfilling and in-demand career as a CNA, or it can be an entry point into another healthcare career. Some CNAs go on to earn nursing degrees after gaining knowledge and experience in the field.

Whether you are in high school or an experienced professional looking for a new path, CNA certification is a great first step into the healthcare field. MGA Academy offers hands-on learning in the classroom as well as real-world experience in a State-approved healthcare facility. We offer programs that fit around school and work schedules, so you can get started anytime. We hope to see you in class!



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